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The Import International oHG is one of the leading specialists in Germany when it comes to providing international pharmaceuticals, reference products and other pharmacy articles.

For more than 25 years we have been importing pharmaceuticals from many countries all over the world. Our highly qualified team always prioritizes safety and fast customer service.

We are providing our services for pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers, hospitals, natural health professionals and veterinarians. If you would like to place an order as a private individual, please refer to the International Pharmacy – Welfen Apotheke.

No Minimum Order Quantities

Goods that we will import for you:

On-demand import according to MPA §73.3 – 3

Yes, it really is a lot that we will import for you: allopathic and homeopathic remedies, which are not or not yet available in Germany and pharmaceuticals for clinical trials, but furthermore also nutritional additives, cosmetics and other pharmacy products.

Importing legally correct and effortless for you

This is how your goods will arrive with you:

The 4 steps:

We are importing: pharmaceuticals, which are not or not yet available in Germany; homeopathic remedies; nutritional additives; cosmetics and other pharmacy products.

Once the import-procedures are completed, your goods will be delivered within 24-36 hours.

1. Check

You would like to order a pharmaceutical product from outside of Germany? By soliciting national and international databases as well as our own database containing about 1.2 million products, our team will check if your product is available for import into Germany.

2. Research

Consulting our long-established international network, we will find the speediest and most reliable way to procure pharmaceutical products that are certified outside of Germany according to §73.3 MPA for you and your customers.

3. Logistics Abroad

Thanks to our long experience we are confident to establish for you the quickest way possible to procure and deliver the products you ordered. In order to smoothen potentially time-consuming customs-procedures we are relying on our expertise in pharmaceutical and customs law.

4. Shipping within Germany

In compliance with the German Pharmaceutical Law (GDP) we are providing pharmaceuticals to all over Germany. Our clients may choose between express or on-time deliveries, as well as refrigerated or ambient-transportation. Our professional logistics partners ensure a safe and reliable transportation.

Free research upon inquiry

We do not only import pharmaceuticals,

we also export them to anywhere in the world

Worldwide Exports

Wir exportieren deutsche und internationale Arzneimittel sowie apothekenübliche Produkte an Ärzte, Krankenhäuser und Hersteller auf der ganzen Welt.


We offer expert advice on whether and how to export the desired drug or product to the destination country.


We are providing customized documentation, storage and shipping according to your individual requirements.


Our highly qualified logistics partners are waiting to proceed the shipping of your goods in compliance with the German Pharmaceutical Law (GDP).


What exactly is the Import International oHG?

The Import International oHG (Open Trading Company) is an offspring company of the International Pharmacy – Welfen Apotheke situated within the railway station Munich East. The company has been importing foreign pharmaceuticals for pharmacies in Germany as a wholesaler since 1996.

Importing foreign pharmaceuticals was a vital part of business for the International Pharmacy -Welfen Apotheke even before setting up Import International oHG as an offspring company. Thus we have been creating a world-wide net of business contacts and logistics for more than 25 years to ensure smooth and safe importing.  

Not only our local customers at the International Pharmacy – Welfen Apotheke in Munich came to profit from our business activities. As our expertise grew, other pharmacies elsewhere in Germany started relying on our import-services. Our specialists at International Pharmacy -Welfen Apotheke gladly helped out.

For without experience and expertise grown over years and years importing foreign pharmaceuticals into Germany is known to be difficult, cost-intensive and extremely time-consuming.

In order to accommodate the ever growing number of purchase orders professionally and quickly, the owners of the International Pharmacy – Welfen Apotheke founded the Import International oHG as an offspring company with their own premises in Munich.

Our highly qualified and experienced employees are working in spacious offices optimally suited for the Import International oHG’s business and equipped according to the latest guidelines. Our employees are highly motivated service providers who will always do their best to find a cost-efficient solution for our customers to receive their pharmaceuticals or other goods across continents and oceans as quickly as possible.

The Import International oHG is presenting regularly at the pharmaceutical trade fairs EXPOPHARM, sharing a booth with another offspring of the International Pharmacy – Welfen Apotheke the Apotheker Bauer & Cie.

The Import International oHG provides much-demanded expertise for business partners and customers in and outside of Germany. 

Teaming up with competing companies in Germany we co-founded the Association of Importers of International Pharmaceutical Products (VEIA). 

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Ex unitate vires – Stronger Together

Our motto refers to our great team of employees, which has accomplished so much over the years. Moreover, it expresses our gratitude for the great cooperation with our many international partners and with our colleagues at the pharmacies, who ensure they are providing international pharmaceuticals quickly and safely for their customers – whether they need urgent medicine for a rare tropical disease or a much-needed vaccine.


The International Pharmacy – Welfen Apotheke keeps on providing pharmaceuticals and other pharmacy products from outside of Germany for their local customers. The offspring company Import International oHG is an import-service provider for pharmacies, hospitals, veterinarians and natural health professionals.

Transportation Costs

We are shipping our products with logistics service providers such as DPD, UPS, Thermomed and Transoflex, or using accessory bags with pharmaceutical wholesalers.

Standard costs: 4.90€ within Germany, free shipping from 160.00€, special rates for refrigerated or other specialized transportation. Shipping as accessory bag: 1.50€ within Germany, free shipping from 160.00€.

Our world-wide connections at your service

We are proud to say we can rely on a great international network. Our reliable partners ensure for us the flexibility which is necessary to work the sensitive pharmaceutical market successfully.

Quick & Flexible

We are agile and easy to work with. We simply meet “unsurmountable” challenges and work out a solution.


We are placing our highest priority upon making our customer service custom-made for your demands. You contact us, and we will help you out.

Kindly and Smart

We are always acting responsibly and reliably. We are not simply employees; we employ our work for you.

We are happy to be there for you.

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